Opel Vauxhall Adam

GM's Opel to take on Mini and Fiat 500 with Adam

General Motors will be unveiling its Opel Adam at the Paris Auto Show in September, a direct 3-door competitor to the BMW Mini and Fiat 500 in Europe.

General Motors is planning to aggressively take on the BMW Mini and Fiat 500 directly on their home territory in Europe. The new Adam is a 3-door mini compact that will unveil at September's Paris Auto Show to be sold under the Opel and Vauxhall brands.

The car will compete by appealing directly to the top market for the Mini and 500, young people, by offering over a million trim combinations, which GM's European design lead Mark Adams says no other car in the segment can match for individualization. He says "we are offering virtually unlimited exterior/interior color, fabric and kit combination choices."

The roof of the Adam is floating, similar to the Audi A1, allowing 2-tone paint options to have more impact. Several other GM design cues from its European lines include the swooshed line hooking the door handles, the wing-shaped chrome grille bar, the blade-cut at the lower doors, and the rounded, elongated headlamps. It will be the first car in this class to offer LED daytime running lights as well.

Three basic trim levels will be available at launch, including the JAM, GLAM, and SLAM for a fashionable, elegant, or sporty start to the customization of the car. Two different roof colors and a myriad of body colors are available as well as several options for interior materials, colors and equipment including a LED-lit starlight roof trim (ala Bentley).


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