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California wants to tax people for driving

California lawmakers are proposing yet another tax on California residents. This one would tax you for driving by adding a Big Brother device to your car.

California is either at the forefront of automotive legislation or is continually getting in the way of automotive progress, depending on your perspective. There's no doubt that the things the Golden State creates to legislate vehicles seem to trickle down to the rest of the country, proving Ronald Reagan's theory.

This time, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) of San Francisco has a new idea: put a GPS unit in people's cars and track the miles they travel, sending them a tax bill for each of those miles. Of course, exemptions would include low-income people, government workers driving government vehicles (on or off duty), and (most likely) lawmakers themselves, since we all know that laws are made by those who have little intention of following them.

A spokesman for the MTC says that this new vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax would cut down on pollution and traffic congestion while raising funds for things like road construction and surface repair. You know, like the gas tax is supposed to be doing, but isn't.


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