Nissan LEAF is ready

Nissan raising LEAF awareness with the Big Turn On campaign, in Europe

Nissan Europe has launched a big marketing marketing campaign, in Europe, using online social networks, online videos, and a contest offering significant prizes, aiming to raise awareness about the Nissan LEAF, and establish networks of quick charging stations across Europe.

In Europe, Nissan has started a large marketing push named "The Big Turn On," with the goal of 1 million people, within the next 100 days, "turned on" to the advantages of electric mobility, and specifically the Nissan Leaf. As an awareness raising campaign, the immediate goal is not sales, but awareness, and it's likely awareness will lead to more sales. The marketing campaign is offering significant incentives to cities and prizes to individuals to participate.

The 100 day campaign is, as of this writing, in day 5 and reports 56,190 people turned on already. It is supported by outreaches through online social networks including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, via country-specific accounts and fan pages for each service.


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