Envia's 45 amp-hour lithium-ion battery cells

GM's Akerson promises 200 mile range electric car in a few years

Speaking to an employee meeting this week, GM's CEO Dan Akerson talked about research between GM and Envia Systems developing battery technology which should allow GM to build 200 mile range affordable electric cars in the next two-to-four years.

The two key hurdles to electric car adoption are price and driving range. Solving both these issues simply requires battery technology research to increase energy density and lower cost. One of the Silicon Valley battery technology companies, Envia Systems, is doing just that. Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that GM's CEO Dan Akerson spoke at an employees meeting, saying the company is working with Envia Systems on battery technology breakthroughs which would enable electric cars with 100 to 200 miles driving range.

Obviously it is quite possible today to build an electric car with an EPA certified 265 driving range. The Tesla Motors Model S is certified with a 265 mile driving range, and once the Tesla SuperCharger becomes available it will be possible to recharge that car within an hour. The Model S is the first electric car that could be driven on an American-style road trip. This sounds fantastic, until you look at the purchase price of the Model S.

Since the 265 mile driving range electric car already exists (from Tesla Motors), Akerson can only be speaking of a slightly different goal: the affordable 200 mile driving range electric car.


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"Promising" 200 mile range in a few years might be over-stating things a bit. Akerson said 100-200 mile range may be "possible" in a few years, but he certainly wasn't "promising" it...