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Fisker rejects Romney's 'Loser' tag, will his attack backfire on Romney?

In attacking Obama, Romney tagged Fisker, Ener1 and Tesla as "losers," but Romney runs the risk of the attack boomeranging because Tesla and Fisker are hardly in trouble, and instead are on the threshold of success.

In Wednesday's Presidential Debate, candidate one of Mitt Romney's zinger attack lines was to associate three electric car related companies as losers, while invoking the ghost of Solyndra. One of those companies, Fisker Automotive, has responded with a statement sent to several news outlets saying "We don't consider ourselves a loser," while reiterating the company's business success. The three company's on Romney's list, Ener1 and Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive are all in in business, raising private investment capital, manufacturing and selling products, but have not grown to the point of breaking even much less turning a profit.

Are Fisker, or Ener1 or Tesla, Loser's? If these companies are not 'Losers' does it reflect badly on Romney's credibility?


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Romney's unbelievably short-sighted criticism is ironic considering HIS OWN FATHER was an automotive entrepreneur who faced his own fair share of obstacles in getting HIS car company off the ground. He'll say anything to anyone (depending on who he pandering to) in order to get elected, selling out courageous, innovative pioneers of American businesses who don't have everything handed to them on a silver platter like Romney did. They must be part of the 47% of Americans that he calls "dependent" on hand-outs. If ANYONE should be rooting for American automotive success, it should be Romney considering his father's legacy. But wait, he would have preferred that Detroit go bankrupt during the financial melt-down. What a twit. -Dave in Ohio
Dave, Your right on point with your comments. Romney repeats the bumper sticker statements of Republicans but doesn't seem to grasp the boots-on-the-ground realities of people who work for a living. He's cashed in by moving money around after he started with daddy's fortune to begin with- hardly a "self-made" example of the American dream. More like the American inheritance- and an unethical one at that. Where is his compass of values? Does he truly have any besides making money and obtaining power? He's been anything but a "conservative" all his life. The answers are obvious.