Tesla Model S #001, Evan Moore

First Tesla Model S delivery made 2 weeks early

Tesla reportedly delivers the first Model S Founder Series to venture capitalist and Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson, ahead of the official June 22 delivery day.

The Tesla Model S Signature Series is slated to begin delivery on June 22, about 2 weeks from now, but that didn't stop Tesla from delivering Model S #001. Apparently it pays to be a venture capitalist investor in Tesla and a member of Tesla's board, because the delivery was reportedly made to venture capitalist and Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson.

According to a report on the Business Insider, Twitter user Evan Moore spotted the delivery at the Stanford Graduate of Business. Of course he whipped out his cell phone, snapped a picture, posting it to Instagram and Twitter. The picture shows the rear end of a red Model S, with a license plate reading "TSLA S1," in a parking garage.


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Correction: Signature Series is limited to the first 1000 (not 5000) cars in the U.S., and Steve Jurvetson's is not a Signature Series, it is a Founder's Series.
Thank you for the clarifications.