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Driving 190 electric miles in a Chevy Volt blows up 35 mile range myth

The Chevy Volt is rated by the EPA with a 35 mile electric range, leading some to dismiss its electric capabilities, but last weekend a Florida man set out to see what was his total electric driving range, ending up 190 miles with 6 times the rated electric range.

Does the 35 miles (or so) electric range of the Chevy Volt mean that Volt owners are limited to 35 miles of electric driving per day? Over the weekend a Florida based Chevy Volt owner, Edward Ellyatt, excitedly reported having driven 190.6 electric miles in one day with his Chevy Volt. That's way beyond the 35 mile electric range limit. He is part of a group of Volt owners using the website, VoltStats.net, to share mileage results, achievements and friendly competition with each other to see which of them can make the most of the Chevy Volt.

The Chevy Volt's 35 mile electric range is a factoid used by some of the Volt Naysayers to dismiss that car. What Ellyatt did last weekend was to blow up, and demolish, another electric car myth. Even a car with as short an electric range as the Volt can accomplish a significant chunk of electric driving in a day.

The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric car, where the battery pack allows a 35 mile or so electric range, with the gasoline engine providing power to extend the total driving range. GM's design goals for this dual drive train is to fit into the typical daily driving pattern. Research shows most people drive 40 miles or less per day, meaning the Volt's 35-40 mile electric range will handle typical daily driving tasks, and the gasoline engine is a backup to extend range and prevent range anxiety.


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Good comments about opportunity charging and also about how you can get to 80% of full recharge a lot faster than getting to 100%. I think any cafe that lets me plug in while I am eating lunch will get my business. Even 120V can make a difference in 30 minutes! A Volt doesn't need to charge, but it is nice to cover as many miles as possible using American electricity instead of gas that is produced using oil that is imported half of the time.
If you look at voltstats.net.. that is not even the best.. 2011-00584 WATT UP did 254.45 on 09/03/2011