Tesla Roadster, Model S

Could Tesla Motors revolutionize the auto industry, again?

The Tesla Roadster inspired a wave of change in the automobile industry leading to the rise of all electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, what changes will the Tesla Model S inspire in the industry?

Ten years ago all electric vehicles like the EV1, EV Plus, RAV4 EV, and others were relegated to the back burner when the automakers successfully fought the CARB ZEV mandate, and got CARB redirected to support hydrogen fuel cell research while the automakers went full bore into SUV sales. Some game changing events occurred a few years ago changing the direction of the automakers enough that there are now several electric vehicles on the market, in mass production by major automakers, on sale around the world. One significant event was the development of Plug-in Prius conversion kits by activists who launched a cottage industry of Prius conversions, keeping the "plug-in vehicle" on the table. The second, and more important, was the rise of Tesla Motors and the success of the Tesla Roadster. Because the success of Tesla made the major automakers EV programs look so bad, the company is credited with having given justification for major automakers to re-enter the electric vehicle market. Tesla Motors, with the Model S/X, appears poised to revolutionize the auto industry, again.

One may look at the total sales of Tesla Roadsters, 2500, and curiously ask how that can be called a success. That car competed in a narrow niche market of upscale high end sports cars, where 2500 sales is a significant number. Especially for an expensive electric car.

Those 2500 Tesla Roadsters were, according to Revenge of the Electric Car, what enabled Bob Lutz (then Vice-Chairman of General Motors) and Carlos Gohsn (CEO of Nissan/Renault) to re-awaken electric vehicle programs within their own companies. It's not just GM and Nissan, but Ford, Daimler, BMW and others, who re-awoke their sleeping EV programs when the Roadster came on the scene. To be fair it wasn't just the rise of Tesla Motors, because there's also rising concern over environmental pollution, greenhouse gases, and oil supply crunches, that are causing governments around the world to change the regulations to favor efficiency and a move away from fossil fuels.

Tesla's role in this is to design and manufacture no-compromise all electric vehicles, ones that demonstrate electric vehicles can be fun, beautiful, and powerful. Tesla's founders knew the Roadster would have to blow up and demolish the negative stereotypes around electric vehicles, that they can only be slow boring ugly golf carts. To do so the Roadster was designed with top end acceleration and top speed, built on a chassis provided by Lotus Engineering, and equipped with a huge battery pack allowing way more electric driving than is rationally needed.


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Rather than inspire change in the other automakers, I think their opportunity this time around is to simply become a major automaker. In a sense, it becomes "who cares how the rest of the industry responds?" Tesla could simply walk in and start taking meaningful market share in other 4 years in the luxury segment, and in 10 years in the broader market.
Excellent analysis. Electric Cars + Solar Garages = Green Streets. Moreover, automotive battery technology is about to take a quantum leap as firms all over the country vie to combine different elements from the two sides of the atomic chart and mix them with nano-technology to greatly enhance the efficiency and reduce the weight of batteries. A representative of Denver Electric Vehicles stated we could be building electric cars with a range of 2500 miles between charges very soon, just two weeks ago at the Denver Ford Focus Electric intro. Another researcher from Motion Dynamics suggested the research into automotive batteries could result in realizing the long elusive trick of creating cold fusion.
I agree, the Model S sedan and the Crossover X are really a thumb nose at those hesitating giant carmakers who still drag their feet to the EV scene. I think the better questions is when will Tesla not revolutionize the car industry, again? But that will open up a whole new can of worms and naysayers will get their panties in a knot again.
IN my opinion, the super battery from WSU will come to pass, and soon. After that, ALL future vehicles will be electric and Tesla will have a head start.
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