The Honda EV Concept

Honda rolls out more information on the Honda EV Concept

Honda Motors used the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show to offer up a variety of low- or zero-emission vehicles including the new Honda EV Concept which applies a unique look and electric drivetrain to the 5-door, 5-passenger layout similar to the Honda Fit (or Honda Jazz as it is known in other markets).

While the Honda EV (shown on the right) looks like a dressed up Honda Fit, there is no indication as to whether or not this zero emission electric vehicle will sport the Fit name when it reaches the US market or if it will have its own unique name. We do know that the Honda EV Concept (or whatever the production version is called) will be powered by a lithium ion battery system and a coaxial electric motor derived from the one used in the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle.

The drivetrain of the Honda EV Concept will allow the driver to select three different driving modes – Economy, Normal and Sport – to provide the ideal balance of power and efficiency for every driving condition. A similar version of this system was introduced in the US on the CR-Z Hybrid to offer optimized performance for the driving conditions. When Economy mode is selected, the Honda EV Concept will have a range of roughly 100 miles while acceleration and top speed is hindered. When the driver selects Normal mode, the Honda EV will offer better performance while offering roughly 17% less range (that would mean that it could go about 83 miles on a charge) and when shifted into Sport mode, the EV Concept will reach a top speed of 90 miles per hour but the range is chopped down to roughly 75 miles.


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