The BMW i8

The BMW i8 introduces LA to the electric hybrid supercar

The new BMW i8 made its grand debut earlier this year in Germany but with the opening of the 2011 LA Auto Show, the American auto show crowd is introduced to the next generation of BMW high performance – combining electric vehicle technology and BMW driving dynamics in an incredibly sleek supercar.

The electric vehicle segment is quickly growing in the North American market as vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt will be joined by the likes of the Ford Focus Electric and the Fiat 500 electric version soon but there is nothing quite like the new BMW i8 available in the US. The closest thing to an electric hybrid (that is, a vehicle that features electric power with gasoline support as opposed to a gasoline powered hybrid with an electric aided hybrid transmission) supercar in the US is the Tesla Roadster which is an all electric vehicle but when the BMW i8 hits the street, it will be the first supercar in the US to offer all electric range with high performance driving capabilities – provided that someone doesn’t beat them to market.


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