1970 Buick GS Stage 1 455

This Abused Buick GS Became a Cornerstone for Me

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When I bought this 1970 Buick GS I found tickets in the glove box, exhibition of speed and reckless driving. Obviously the car was abused, but see how we restored it.

This is my 1970 Buick GS Stage 1 455, TH400, non AC and with 3.64 Posi. Having never followed the pack, I wanted something different, and until this car I had never even seen a real GS let alone a Stage 1.

I purchased this Buick from an impound yard after it had been abandoned on the highway. The purchase price of the car was $375. It also included the cost of towing and storage.

It was the year 1994. The car was in hideous condition. Imagine how bad it was that the engine had exploded from obvious abuse.

Of course, I did some modifications to it. It had to have 2 cylinders sleeved and the heads where cracked. The vehicle should have been a parts car. Finding parts back then without the internet was difficult. I even found a OEM 70 grill from a dealer back East for $75.00 plus freight. It has been a labor of love for many many years just to get it back on the road.


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What state/city did you buy this car in?
I drove a 1970 Buick gs in high school. Wanting to get back into it. I'm going to be 46 in about 3 weeks and just wondering what you would suggest is the best way to find me a car. Thanks for your time.