GM recall and push button starts

GM Recall Fallout - No More Car Keys, Push Button Standard

The GM ignition switch debacle has raised an interesting question: Do we really need car keys? After all, if GM cars had used keyless, push-button ignition systems rather than physical keys, GM wouldn’t be in this mess.

Several auto manufactures currently use keyless fobs that can automatically lock and unlock cars, enable starters, etc. These are a valid alternative to the simple car key, and offer many benefits over cut metal keys. Will GM's recall fiasco officially put an end to the traditional car key?

Keyed Ignitions are Old Technology

Way back in 1949, Chrysler first standardized keyed ignition switches across their lineup. At the time, it made a lot of sense. Those cars were pretty simple to break into back then. Just take a screwdriver and show it through the door lock. Having a keyed ignition simply made it more difficult to steal … unless you watch a lot of Hollywood movies and know how to hot wire a car.
Over time, keys evolved into the door key, valet key and then ignition key. GM, among others, made the keys in different shapes to help identify which key was which.


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It's a long time coming for all auto makers. I would like to be keyless entry in my house as well.
GM is quite capable of messing up keyless and killing people with that as well.
I believe, the system "push botton" will be available soon for all cars, the electronic ignition will be safe and cheaper when produced on large-scale to basic and luxury cars. I have a doubt! Is it compliant with Thatcham security?