Star Wars fans will love Formula E racing

A new breed of motorsport is coming later this year, and it’s powered by electricity. Critics say it will lack excitement without the tremendous noise of high-speed combustion engines, but the man in charge thinks its unique sound will capture fans around the globe.

The Formula E electric racing series officially begins in Beijing on September 14 and will be coming to Los Angeles and Miami as part of its 10-race inaugural season. The stunning Spark-Renault, based on Formula 1 cars, is entirely battery-powered and will race at speeds of about 140 miles per hour through some of the most well-known cities in the world. The list of participating cities for the first season also includes Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, Monte Carlo, Punta del Este, Putrajaya, and Rio de Janeiro.

Formula 1, it is not. NASCAR, it certainly is not. But Formula E will feature pit stops (twice per race, to swap vehicles when the battery is depleted) and some of the finest drivers in racing; it also has influential backing as well as the support of the FIA, the governing body of motorsports. And Formula E promises to be exciting, bringing high-speed racing of the future to beautiful cities along with a very distinct sound.


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Pretty sweeeet young Luke. Bottom line: A tech driven society will embrace this new racing series. The balance of humanity will come out to view the events out of curiosity. None the less, it will take time( decades) for a very stubborn mainstream America to embrace EV personal transportation. Note: STUBBORN. As to engine noise? Put a stereo in the damn thing. A well written article. Thank you.