2015 Acura TLX GT

Acura TLX GT will attack Cadillac March 28 St. Petersburg (Video)

With the release of Acura’s most advanced sedan mid-year 2014, anticipation runs high as team “ Real Time Racing” prepares for Acura’s attack on your perception of what a true performance luxury sedan can and can’t do.

Honda’s racing arm, HPD has partnered with the winningest team in the 25 years of Pirelli World Challenge racing history; to front a G.T. Tour Class assault on the biggest names in racing.

While my buddy’s at Torque News -Subaru pen wild exclamatory prose as to their anticipated domination of the World Challenge racing series by the latest BRZ 300 G.T., We tip a hat to the all wheel drive, all wheel steering, bi-turbo V6 monster wearing the Acura moniker.

We’ll leave the little stuff( Subaru) to Ryan Winchester and his champion Honda Civic Si.

For Honda and its now stand alone Acura Motor Division, we propose that Acura is to Honda what Cadillac is to General Motors. For both corporations the respective subordinate division represents the future in performance sports coupes,sedans,SUVs and in the case of Cadillac, sport wagons.

We believe that the 2015 TLX will dominate its sector for several years to come. Bringing Acura back into the forefront of the “affordable” refined, luxury sports class. Gone will be the painfully stiff ride and small cabin confines of the Acura TL., good riddance.

While the TLX doesn’t offer the monster horsepower and torque(556 hp,551 lb-ft torque) of Cadillac's V series, it does line up squarely in the sights of current CTS owners; affluent 35+ year olds wishing to perform a bit of performance driving while spending less than $50,000 to do so.


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We will see.
sanxx. No doubt. We shall see. Acuras coming out hard with the promotion of the new line. looking good so far.