Raytheon: Cyclone Power's combustion engine game changer

Raytheon engineers are addressing the need for an alternative power source for military use through the use of external combustion engines and monopropellant fuels. Enter its arrangement with Cyclone Power.

"There should be no doubt about Raytheon's support and commitment to Cyclone's technology," stated Christopher Nelson, President of Cyclone. "We view their initial purchase order, announced last month, as constituting the beginning of a long and very important relationship, not only for Cyclone and Raytheon, but also for the capabilities and efficiencies of our military."

As a result of this partnership, Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has featured Cyclone Power Technologies' engines in Technology Today, Raytheon's quarterly print and online publication distributed to over 80,000 military and civilian customers, suppliers and partners. The article called Cyclone's engines being developed for Raytheon for undersea power and propulsion applications as "game-changing."

According to the article, the U.S. Navy has called for increased stamina in unmanned undersea vehicles to enable missions that can last for weeks, not just one or two days. Be apprised this criteria exceeds the energy capability of traditional battery technologies.

As Raytheon engineers addressed the need for an alternative power source, the team investigated a number of engine types. Particularly promising technologies included a modified Rankine cycle engine developed by Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc.



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