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North American auto industry back on track per Booz & Company Survey

Call it what you will, but a new wave of optimism is overtaking the U.S. auto industry as it rebounds from the depths of the recession and a brutal restructuring.

If you suspect optimism is skyrocketing in the auto industry, that’s precisely how the report reads by Booz & Company with its second annual U.S. Automotive Industry Survey and Confidence Index.

In February and March of 2012, Booz & Company surveyed more than 200 executives from more than 75 automotive vehicle manufacturers and suppliers; and key findings from the survey are valuable to both industry analysts and auto sector investors.

“Bullishness and optimism prevailed in the survey results. Auto executives clearly believe the industry is back,” says Scott Corwin, a partner at Booz & Company. “It has emerged from the lows of the 2009 recession with a much stronger and more stable foundation. The newly restructured industry is leaner, is stronger and has gone ‘back to basics’—paving the way for a brighter, more profitable future.”

More Specifics

Relative to last year, industry executives are significantly more bullish on the state of the automotive industry; 94 percent of OEMs and 92 percent of suppliers described it as either “somewhat better” or “much better” than last year.


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