connected vehicle as defined by Ford image

Electric vehicles surprise analysts as most connected by 2017

A recent research report by Pike Research indicates plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are set to be some of the most “connected” vehicles on the road. Can you guess the percentage for the year, 2017?

According to Pike Research, telematics systems for PEVs come in two varieties: 1) Basic telematics provide simple data connections for emergency services, charging equipment locations, and diagnostics/vehicle monitoring; 2) Connected vehicle telematics provide live traffic, weather, streaming content, and cloud computing-based applications.

Telematics provides the connection to utilities, grid operators, data providers, and owners’ smartphones. PEV telematics delivers information on electric usage, pricing, and state of charge to smartphones, while connected vehicle telematics will be used to deliver additional content and provide unique tools for PEV owners.


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