Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition

Volkswagen unveils four new models to their lineup

Volkswagen has announced the addition of four new models to the lineup from the Scirocco, Beetle, CC and Polo models.

Volkswagen has announced the unveiling of four new models from the Scirocco, Beetle, Polo and CC ranges. The new models along with an entire cross-section of the VW lineup will be shown at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) motor show in Leipzig on June 2 through 10th.

Beetle Fender Edition

The Beetle Fender Edition will be the only car in Europe that can be ordered with a sound system from guitar and amp makers Fender. The Beetle Fender Edition is another vehicle with strong ties to the world of rock 'n' roll. Just a week ago, Ferrari officially revealed rock icon Eric Clapton's custom-built Ferrari SP12 EC.

Volkswagen unveiled a Beetle Fender concept car at the IAA in Frankfurt that was designed to pay homage to the legendary American company. The concept car was such a big hit at the show that Volkswagen decided to bring the car to production.


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