2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class 180 CDI four door coupe

Mercedes CLA diesel arrives with a low price and high mileage

The all-new entry-level 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 CDI arrives in Europe and is available now with a low price and high mileage.

Mercedes just introduced a new entry-level fuel-stingy CLA-Class diesel in Europe that is sure to light up sales of the sporty compact even more. The new Mercedes-Benz compact models have already been very well received by customers all over the globe, and since the start of the year they have shown a sales increase of more than 60 percent against the previous year.

As of October 7, the new entry-level model, a new 2014 CLA 180 CDI Coupe with diesel engine is now available for first-time Mercedes buyers. The four door coupe is attracting millennial buyers who have never purchased a Mercedes car before and are being drawn in by the coupes styling, price and technology. This new diesel entry will likely also be flying out of showrooms.

Voted most beautiful car

The new entry-level diesel version of the four-door coupe, the CLA 180 CDI, was recently voted the most beautiful car in the compact class by the readers of "auto, motor und sport" magazine. The car is already a hit with young buyers as it arrives for sale now. It has a low starting price of 31,178 euros. Mercedes is also introducing the CLA 250 Sport (42,304.50 euros) and the CLA Sport 4MATIC (44,506 euros).


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