The Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet

E-Bugster Cabriolet makes Asian premiere: an electrified Beetle

The electric Volkswagen E-Bugster Cabriolet will make its Asian debut at the Beijing Auto Show.

Just ahead of the Beijing Auto Show, Volkswagen has released the first images and details of new E-Bugster that will make its Asian debut. The concept car is an updated version of the model that was unveiled in Detroit earlier this year. But the car Volkswagen will be unveiling in Beijing will be a new Beetle Cabriolet open-top version of its electric-powered E-Bugster.

The new concept gets its name from the American nickname for the Beetle, 'Bug' and the 'speedster' body style may be a pre-production preview of the new Beetle Convertible that is expected to make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The newest E-Bugster still retains its bold concept styling, but the speedster-style roof gives way to a roof-less model that gives us a good idea of what the new Beetle Cabriolet will look like.


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