Ford Evos Concept

2015 Ford Mustang to have new global design

The next generation Ford Mustang coming in 2015 will need to appeal to a whole new world.

There are big changes coming in 2015 for the next generation Ford Mustang, and Ford is working on a design that will have global appeal. This new design will need to have an appeal that goes well beyond buyers in the U.S. Because Ford will be marketing the new generation 2015 Ford Mustang in a variety of new markets around the world, the Mustang will need to be accommodating to a whole new group of buyers.

The folks over at Inside Line have given us an idea of what that design will look like with an artists rendering of the front and rear view of the 2015 Mustang that they have taken from various sources. This could be a fairly accurate representation of what the new Mustang will look like, but Ford has not officially confirmed that. Ford Evos Concept that made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year was a preview of the future Mustang with a new global design.


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