Scion FR-S Convertible

Toyota shows gorgeous convertible Scion FR-S at Tokyo auto show

Toyota has a Scion FR-S convertible it could sell now in the US market, but as we explain, Toyota has some good reasons not to.

Toyota unleashed a wild group of prototype and concept cars at the Tokyo auto show, but none had more impact than the future Scion FR-S Convertible. Called by Toyota the FT-86 after the iconic, rear-wheel drive AE86 Corolla, the new convertible was shown in “arrest me red” officially called “Flash Red.” Offsetting the red was a two-tone ash and gray interior. The car looks finished and could be a 2014 or 2015 model for Scion. Subaru also has shown its version of the Toyabaru sports coupe in drop-top guise and says it plans to sell the car in the US. Toyota’s plans for selling a convertible remain clouded.

One reason Toyota may not sell the car is the Lexus IS 250C. The IS 250C is very similar to the Scion FR-S convertible on paper. Both are rear drive, relatively compact, the FR-S is slightly smaller, and both have about 200 horsepower. However, with the Scion needing to cost about $30K to $35K, the Lexus would possibly suffer price erosion. It retails for about $50K currently. The Lexus was introduced in 2009 as a 2010 model and has sold in low numbers, but consistently for Lexus. It is also available in a powerful 306 horsepower version called the IS 350C which sells for about $5K more.


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I am interested. I have the 2008 convertible, the solara. I love it. I want a 6 cylinder. When will one be on the market in the USA?
This is sad, the FR-S looks amazing and mean. This looks like a barbie doll car, in which i hope never comes to the states. How about a turbo or some more stock power? I can't believe you guys would do this to a beautiful car.
I have a 2006 Solara convertible.iIt is pearl white w/ black top. I love it. It has been a great car. Still getting compliments on it to this day. I will keep driving my Solara until the new Toyota convertibles are out for the public to purchase. I have 4 friends with Solara convertibles. They love theirs also. We are all waiting for the new beautiful Toyota Scion convertibles to come out on the market. I am anxiously waiting in Jackson , TN.
Good Grief! Just build the car and make a peppy motor an optional upgrade - like the supercharged motor from the old MR2. Young families will enjoy a fun, reliable convertible that will seat 4 and last until the kids are old enough to drive themselves. They certainly will not invest in a Lexus only to have heavily blued dyed slurpees spilled in the back seat. They buy the Lexus for themselves after the kids move out.
I would love to buy a Scion FRS convertible. Will they be for sale in the US soon?