2014 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota should keep the 2015 Tacoma simple

Contrary to our recent stories, many owners and fans of the Toyota Tacoma feel the vehicle should not try to match the new Chevy Colorado. In fact, they like the truck just the way it is.

Toyota should create a “Tacoma Classic” version of its popular compact pickup truck and focus on making the vehicle simple, reliable, and durable. That is a recurring message Torque News commenters and forum readers have conveyed to us after reading our recent series on the Tacoma’s future in light of the coming Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.


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Bring back Toyota's original compact truck and world favorite, the Hilux (Just known as a Toyota Pickup when it was here before the Tacoma). That would be the classic and improve the Tacoma. Best of both worlds.
The reason the Tacoma did so well was because it was the best truck in an outdated segment. Vehicle manufacturers have all given up on the mid or compact truck segment. That is why there has been little to no change in the current or recently dead productions. The Ford Ranger was a a great seller once upon a time. 15 years of "refreshing" the same model led to it's decrease in sales. The Taco is headed for the same fate. I would have thought Toyota was smarter than that, but I'm wrong. Keeping the same engines, the same exterior and interior has led to a decrease in sales over the years. The Taco would sell much worse if it weren't such a good fleet seller. A new and improved truck in the same segment will eat considerably into it's non fleet sales. The Colorado has made a bunch of noise and should take away a lot of sales from the outdated Taco. There is no reason not to do a remodel, when some models have already been remade TWICE during the this taco's lifetime. There is no reason not to improve on an imperfect vehicle. With the advanced engine technology, why not make a better engine???? Why not make an interior that is newer, improved and makes better use of it's dimensions???
Gas Mileage is what I will buy (or I will just do without and stay with my 32 mpg Camry)
This is the direction Nissan is headed- they are reportedly bringing an updated version of the D22 (which was the Frontier in the early part of the last decade), along with a version of the next Navara. Toyota could actually be better at this very game with the 1st gen Tacoma, as it was nice and light. Pop in updated power, and bingo-bango!
Admittedly, I like the newer technology and the creature comforts. But when comes to design of the compact truck .... I want just that ..... I don't want mid-sized. A classic version would be great with the newer tech. Then, if Toyota wanted something to grab the "younger generation", go ahead and give them the pre runner or TRD or whatever else. Just keep on providing a reliable 4 banger, utilitarian truck for the ones who brought them to the dance.
I drive a second Generation Tacoma as a work truck and it is BORING just like every other second Gen trucks. I plan to keep my 2004 Tacoma as long as is possible as a personal vehicle. The trend AWAY from compact to "midsize" trucks is unfortunate and has made for a generation of monstrosities and 4 door sedans parading as pickup trucks. Two thumbs down!