$1000 rebate on Scion FR-S

Toyota offers $1000 rebate on Scion FR-S

Ahh, but you have to be either a recent college graduate, a nurse, or an electrician. Details below.

Toyota is embracing the American entitlement culture by offering those who have recently graduated college (or are going to be electricians) a one grand rebate. In an effort to ease the anxiety that can come from having been a student for 17 years with summers off, and now facing the prospect of having only 2 weeks vacation, Toyota will rebate certain college grads $1,000.00. The fine print is important. The program only applies to certain models. There are other terms the recent graduate must accept as well.

According to Toyota’s press release, the program applies to any new Scion model, such as the new FR-S rear-drive sports coupe. This $1000 rebate may be the only money off that hot model, which makes this a very good deal for those interested in drifting on the way to work. Select Toyota models are also included in the program and they seem to be the models that Toyota thinks a college grad should drive. For example, the Matrix, Corolla and Yaris make the list. There are some other models that are more mainstream such as the Camry (but not the hybrid Camry), the Tacoma, and RAV-4. Toyota has recently added the new Prius c to the program. This is one of the first hybrid rebate programs to be announced by any manufacturer.


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The only redeeming part of Toyota's rebate program is that they *didn't* get the American taxpayer to pay for it.... Yet they'll still be doing their part to increase the debt levels of recent college grads, which are already over $25,000 per student average as it is.... Whatever happened to getting a 1974 Dodge Dart for $400 for on'e first car? Ah... those were the days!