Lexus prepares modern 7-seat crossover to augment popular RX 350

The RX 350 is the best-selling luxury crossover in existence, but is limited to 5 seats. Lexus is planning a 7-seat crossover and the name might be "Texas."

Lexus will soon morph the current RX 350 crossover into a 7 passenger vehicle to the delight of Lexus dealers in the US. Dealers have been frustrated that Lexus has no crossover that can carry seven, and they know they are missing out on lots of business as a result. The forums we participate in have frequent comments from dealers on the subject.

When we began reporting last year on what has become the new Lexus NX 200t and NX 300h, one of the first things we mentioned was that this new 5 passenger crossover will make it possible for the RX 350 to grow to become a 5 plus 2, seven passenger crossover. It could even be stretched to hold eight, but we seriously doubt that due to styling issues.


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7 people in one vehicle? Now that is un-American.
I thought the LX570 fit this category. Honestly, though, midsized crossovers/SUVs with a third row option usually have it so small and useless that it's a pointless offering except as an occasional child seat holder.
You make a good point Aaron. I could have done a better overview of the full Lexus SUV line. The third row has to be usable, like in the Highlander, which is selling very strongly. Lexus will use that basic platform of course. Customers don't buy the big costly LX. Only 300 were sold last month. It is based on the old-style body on frame vehicles that are now out of favor (for valid reasons). The Lexus GX is supposed to be an SUV for those that want a 3-row vehicle, but the market is clearly headed toward crossovers and the GX is a fancy 4Runner body on frame vehicle. The GX will likely overlap a while, then fade away like the FJ Cruiser that everyone loved and nobody bought.
The LX570 is big in some foreign markets like North Africa and the Middle East. There's a reason the wash instructions for the floor mats are in English and Farsi. lol You're right, though, Lexus will have to do a Highlander-based version or find themselves non-competitive.
I agree Aaron... As the owner of a Honda Oddysey and a Chrysler Pacifica, I designate the 3rd row seating as emergency only overflow. I don't believe that the option is paramount in one's decision to buy a bohemoth sized SUV or crossover. in the down position the 3rd row seating provides a useful cargo deck. That's about it.
Thanks Parks, As the owner of a Highlander with a 3rd row, I agree. This new TX will not be a leviathan like the Ford Excursion, or Chevy Suburban. More like an RX a foot longer. P Rall called the RX "Compact" in a review I think.
I'm sure it's a quality car. Thank you John...
Ya, when I drove the RX350 F-Sport it was a good size, but not big enough for a third row to be useful. The Nissan Rogue has a third row that's barely functional (big enough for child safety seats, not much else) and our Mazda5 is the same.
Mazda5 is the most underrated car in the US market. Does your have the opposing rear seats, or did they change that?
They changed that when it went from the MPV to the 5, I think.