Volvo C30 Electric

C30 Electric wins "Green Car of the Year" in world's most important market

China again shows it political prowess in selecting the Volvo C30 Electric as its Green Car of the Year.

The Volvo C30 Electric is barely a production car, yet it has just won a prestigious award in China. Given that the Nissan Leaf is now into its second year of availability and the Chevy Volt is almost a classic car at this point, how can an electric car that few people have ever seen, and almost nobody has driven be awarded “Green Car of the Year?” The answer is complicated but can be explained.

Award Winning Volvo C30 Electric
The award the Volvo C30 Electric won was awarded at the fourth annual China New Energy Mobility Summit. As the name implies this is a summit where electric cars and the infrastructure to support them is discussed. Is it a surprise that a Chinese company masquerading as a Swedish make has won? Since China is a communist country and its economy is centrally planned, there is little in the way of private enterprise blazing its own trail in the marketplace. Each company that introduces a new electric product is partnered with (or owned outright by) a Chinese partner. One year ago the Shanghai International Automotive City Group (SIAC), was established. Volvo partnered with the city through this initiative and it is delivering 15 cars for testing and evaluation. If this all sounds familiar, it is. GM is doing the same thing with another Chinese organization called The China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC). For details on that program click here.


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