5 important convertible buying tips

Here are 5 things that every buyer of a convertible should carefully consider before making a purchase

With the coming of spring comes robins, forsythia, tulips and crocuses, and the most beautiful sight of all, the convertibles. Here are some tips garnered by a long-time convertible owner.

What Type Of Convertible Do You Want
There are a lot of convertibles available, everything from the Nissan Murano Crosscarbriolet Sport Utility convertible to the tiny MINI Roadster. How are you going to be using this new car? Are you planning long road trips through the countryside antiquing? Or do you plan to lower it, add some go-fast bits and go to track days? Will the family be with you? If so, you need a four-seater, which narrows your choices. You should also give serious consideration to your tires and spare tire options. If you will be cruising 500 miles from home on holidays, what is your plan if you get a flat? Think hard about picking a model with a temporary spare, or at least run-flats. If you plan to auto-cross, it is not an issue. Buy the wrong one and you may end up with a car that doesn’t work for your lifestyle.


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