2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Toyota Camry and 2015 RAV 4 may have turbo power

With Lexus announcing a 2.0 liter turbo engine for its lineup it is only a matter of time before it migrates to the 2015 Camry and RAV 4.

The next big change to the Toyota Camry, and possibly also the RAV 4, will be the addition of a new 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. In its announcement today about the new Lexus LF-NX Turbo Lexus and Toyota showed their hand. Toyota is a brand that cross pollinates every engine. There are no mainstream engines the brands do not share. Will the turbocharged four cylinder engine help keep these two segment leaders at the top?


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2015 would be right for a mid model update, Also engine updates are not always tied to new models with Toyota. On the flip side, I thought Toyota and Honda have dismissed turbos as being effective for efficiency and reliability.
I will love a 4 cylinder turbo on any toyota model if it gets more than 200hp, hopefully a manual trans. also.