2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid family car will achieve an amazing 47 mpg

Ford clears up any doubts about who has the momentum in the fuel efficiency war.

The 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid is about to become the most fuel efficient family car available at a reasonable price. When the original Honda Insight and Toyota Prius came to market they were amazing, and we are still not back to the Insight’s original fuel economy numbers, but both cars were marginalized by their size. The Insight started as a two-seat vehicle that was close to being a kit car (although and extremely refined one). The Prius was larger, but it too was a subcompact and really was never considered an American family car. The people at Toyota followed the usual formula, growing these models into larger, much more refined vehicles. Both the standard Prius and the Honda Insight are really not family cars in the sense they could be used to do 90% of the chores and tasks asked of a family car in America. However, the Prius is now offering three separate sizes of the Prius, and the Prius V is very close to large enough now. Ford has had the benefit of watching all this happen and now has jumped into the game and may have trumped Toyota.


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