Honda Pilot government investigation

NHTSA probing 2005 Honda Pilot over possible brake defect

The announcement comes just one week after the government launched a separate investigation concerning the Honda Pilot.

U.S. safety officials have announced they are investigating certain Honda Pilot SUVs due to a dangerous brake problem. The probe includes nearly 88,000 model-year 2005 Pilots. If investigators determine that the issue is serious enough, Honda will be forced to recall affected vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to officials, defective brakes may be deployed without the driver stepping on the pedal. Since the investigation is ongoing, the NHTSA has not determined a solution to the problem. However, investigators did state that they are examining the Pilot’s computer controlled system that is supposed to stop the vehicle in emergency situations. Honda says it’s assisting with the NHTSA investigation and launching an independent probe of its own.

There have been no crashes or injuries reported associated with the problem, but numerous complaints have been waged. In fact, Honda and the NHTSA have received 205 complaints regarding the Pilot brake problem.


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