Fisker Karma

Fisker recalls 2400 Karmas after concluding fire investigation

Fisker is voluntarily recalling 2400 Karma after determining that a cooling fan issue caused last week's Karma fire.

Fisker Automotive, a manufacturer of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, has just announced the recall of 2,400 Fisker Karma vehicles due to cooling fan issues. Fisker announced the news earlier today after it finalized a detailed investigation into last week’s parking lot fire, which involved a Karma sedan igniting into flames while its owner was in a grocery store.

Fisker conducted the investigation with the help of independent fire experts from Pacific Rim Investigative Services Group. Investigators were able to pinpoint the location of the fire’s origin to the front left of the Karma, which is where the low temperature cooling fan resides. Fisker and PRISG ultimately concluded that the cooling fan suffered an internal fault, causing it to fail and overheat.

Karma customers can expect to be contacted by Fisker’s retail supplier, prior to receiving an official recall notice from Fisker. Owners of affected vehicles will receive a replacement cooling fan, free of charge. Karma dealers will also install an additional fuse for increased protection. Meanwhile, customers can contact Fisker Consumer Affairs at 1-855-575-7577.


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