Lotus 25

Jim Clark's World Championship Lotus 25 to be in Race Retro 2013

In February, Race Retro will take place in the United Kingdom and Team Lotus will be featuring the iconic Lotus 25 driven to victory in the 1963 World Championship by Jim Clark. Race legend Sir Sterling Moss will also debut at the event.

Anyone familiar with racing history knows the name Jim Clark. With Team Lotus, he took the company's first Constructors' World Championship and won Rookie of the Year in the Indianapolis 500 after coming in second after Indy legend Parnelli Jones. All in 1963 and all in the Lotus 25. Technical problems kept him from winning either race in 1964, but he returned to win both races in 1965 in the (then) new Lotus 38.

The beautiful and immediately recognizable Lotus 25 that Clark piloted to victory and acclaim will be the centerpiece of the Team Lotus display at February's 2013 Race Retro showcase in the UK, one of the world's largest historical racing shows. Also on display will be the backup Lotus 25 used in trials and testing by Clark.

A true Renaissance man of racing, Clark won 33 pole positions, 25 races out of 72 total races in Grand Prix and still holds the record for total wins on both counts. He also won the British Touring Car Championship in 1964 while driving a Lotus-Cortina. In 1968, the Scotsman was killed in a racing accident during a Formula Two event in Germany. He has been placed at the top of the list of the greatest Formula One drivers in The Times in 2009.



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Those were the days of racing, pioneering and gentlemen drivers and they also heralded the end of an era when almost anyone with talent could get behind a wheel and prove themselves.