2013 Sentra

2013 Nissan Sentra pricing announced

Nissan has released pricing information for the all-new 2013 Sentra, starting at $15,990 with best-in-class fuel economy.

One of Nissan's best-selling cars in the U.S. is the Sentra. For the 2013 model year, the Sentra has received a full refresh with more style and engine options as well as a new transmission option.

The new Sentra hits dealerships on October 16 and is rolling off the assembly line in Tennessee and Mexico right now. It brings best-in-class fuel economy with a 13% improvement over EPA combined economy over the last generation Sentra. Much of this is thanks to a new continuously variable transmission (CVT), upgrading to a new Xtronic CVT that replaces the last-generation option.

MSRP for the 2013 Sentra begins at $15,990 for the S 6MT (S trim 6-speed manual transmission). Upgrading to the more fuel efficient CVT prices the car at $17,260, but bumping that to only $17,660 delivers the higher trim FE+ S CVT. The most expensive trim level is the SL CVT t $19,760 with a few trims between the FE+ and that SL to fill in the option packages buyers might expect. Prices listed do not include destination charges.

The FE+ grade trim levels offer 40 mpg on the highway while other CVT-equipped grades offer 39 mpg highway and all CVT models have a combined fuel economy (city/highway) of 34 mpg, giving them best-in-class economy.



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