Aha radio pairs with Subaru

Subaru has an Aha Moment at Consumer Electronics Show

Tonight at a Pepcom event at the MGM Grand in advance of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Subaru had an Aha moment that points to a whole new way of listening to music and surfing the Internet while behind the wheel.

Subaru of America, Inc. and Aha by Harman, the first interactive platform that makes web content safe for drivers, have announced a partnership that will use the Aha platform to bring Web-based content into Subaru vehicles to letting drivers interact with web-based content through their radios. Subaru is one of the first automotive manufacturers to integrate Aha’s service into its vehicles.

Subaru is breaking with the more common choice of Pandora, which has become a top provider of music through smartphones for brands like Hyundai in its new Veloster. Subaru will be demonstrating Aha in its new sports car the BRZ at CES.

The new technology is being called the “fourth band” by Subaru after AM, FM and satellite radio. Offered on future models, Subaru owners will have instant access to tens of thousands of stations of Web-based content such as: on-demand music from MOG® and Rhapsody®; Internet radio from SHOUTcast™, CBS RADIO™, and Slacker®; live news; the latest information, news and entertainment podcasts from NPR® and others; free audio books; personalized traffic reports; Facebook® and Twitter® newsfeeds; personalized restaurant recommendations from Yelp®; and much more. (Free audio books sounds good to those of who spend hours behind the wheel testing new cars.)


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