EPA denies Hyundai, Kia fuel rankings

EPA Falsely Calls Mazda Most Fuel Efficient - It's Hyundai

There's an amazing story of government retribution from the Environmental Protection Agency against Hyundai. The government, in an apparent hissy fit, has denied Hyundai its rightful place as the most fuel-efficient manufacturer in the United States.

According to a report published by Yahoo Autos, Hyundai deserve the award but is being denied because "the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency went out of its way to deny that accolade to the automaker with the highest average efficiency from vehicles it sold in the 2013 model year: Hyundai."

In a November 2012 Yahoo Autos article, it was reported, "U.S. federal regulators announced that Hyundai and Kia Motors had inflated the fuel economy ratings on 900,000 vehicles sold since 2010. The automakers will compensate owners for their extra burned fuel — and kill their incorrect ads as well.

"The errors - covering 39% of the vehicles sold by the two companies since 2010 — are the largest ever uncovered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since the federal government first set fuel economy standards in 1975. The agency says the errors were unearthed after EPA officials couldn't replicate the mileages Hyundai and Kia had claimed on window stickers, which the companies will have to replace on new models sitting on dealers' lots.


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I actually reported on the "Hyundai is most fuel efficient company" theme at one point in the past. Then they were caught exaggerating their fuel economy and repaid their customers. So I say "good." Serves them right.