Who drives electric and plug-in hybrids in Washington DC?

Which Politicians Drive Electric And Plug-In Vehicles In Washington DC

Politicians are not known to talk the talk and walk the walk at the same time. It might surprise you that only 3 politicians in Washington DC actually have plug-in cars.

Unfortunately, we are all to cynically accustom to seeing politicians say one thing and do quite the opposite. With the limited amount of accountability these representatives are held up to, it makes no wonder to discover only three politicians in Washington DC own a plug-in car. What was interesting was that not all of them were Democrats, as current logic and fashion would dictate.

Juan Barnett, at DCAutoGeek and the Electric Drive Transportation Association, EDTA have so far only found three politicians using some sort of plug-in car, via GreenCarReport. One Republican and two Democrats are helping to make the stereotype moot. Perhaps, what is more striking is to see those who hail the electric drive do not, at least as far as we know put their money where their mouths are. Surprised?


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