What Will Fiat Do With Alfa Romeo?

It’s hard not to recognize the long lasting international meaning Alfa Romeo has in the world of Automobile. But what is Fiat doing with this unique heritage?

Alfa Romeo has always been different, a little unique and has gone from successes to financial hardships. The financial problems were supposed to be a thing of the past when Fiat acquired the assets of the venerable company a few decades ago. But so far, what has Fiat done with it?

The Last True Alfa Romeo. The 75, or Milano as it was known in the US was the last, true Alfa Romeo. It was entirely designed by Alfa Romeo, based on the famous GTV6 platform and would sport the same engine configuration. Then Alfa had a string of successful cars afterward, including the 156 that did very well, especially in the DTM series. Slowly, Alfa Romeos became smaller, with the exception of the stunning 159 and its stations wagon version. The cars borrowed more and more Fiat parts and adding a GM block for its V6 after the nasty GM/Fiat divorce as the ultimate slap across the face for the purists.


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