i3 videos leaked

BMW i3 Spy Shot Video

BMW has leaked “spy shots” of its all-electric i3. The German car manufacturer is resolutely serious about bringing the electric car and its plug-in hybrid sister, the i8 into the US, ahead of its local German competitors.

It’s funny looking back to a few years ago when German car manufacturers wholeheartedly booed electric cars preferring hydrogen and fine-tweaking diesel. A few years later, Audi introduced its stunning e-tron, Mercedes developed the A segment to carry batteries and more, but the real surprise came from BMW. BMW quietly developed the i3 and i8 after a few stints asking AC Propulsion to modify some MINIs and now testing a few ActiveE Series 1 electric cars.

The i3 & i8 Duo. With the i3 “MegaCity” electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid i8, BMW spared no expenses and resources. Using state of the art technology, light yet sturdy materials put together in the most ingenious ways, the company strikes a powerful blow to its local competitors. See our BMW Invests In Coulomb Technologies And Offers Online i8 Price. While Audi is still testing its e-tron on the Nurburgring ring three years after showing it to us, see our Audi Readies R8 e-tron After Nurburgring Electric Car Track Record and Mercedes working on a uniform A platform that can house a traditional internal combustion engine, battery only operated drivetrain, plug-in hybrid and of course, the inevitable German daring, the hydrogen fuel cell technology, BMW seems to have taken a serious lead with the electric drivetrain.


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