The fruit of 3 years work on the electric R8

Audi all-electric F12 e Sport Shows Electric Potential

Audi has finally unveiled its first all-electric F12 ‘e Sport’ based on the R8 platform. So what does it have to say?

Basically, Audi is still working on how to use its irresistible R8 platform for a high-performance electric drive. The German carmaker unveiled the first vehicle as a result from its “e performance research project” that has just been concluded after a 3 year stint. And what a difference 3 years make, after €36-million, $47-million that gave birth to 20 degree theses and 50 doctoral theses, via GreenCarCongress. And according to Gizmag, Bosch and a few institutes at the RWTH Aachen University collaborated on the project to develop a scalable electric vehicle technology platform that would serve as the basis for a variety of electric-powered vehicles. Sounds familiar? That’s because Audi already told us this back in 2009. So what’s new? The F12 results could work from compact city cars to sedans to sports cars and is based on the R8, which is loosely related to the e-tron line up of cars.


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