Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA)

Why is an oil stock owning Congress member pushing to end EV tax credits?

Perhaps when we think "oil companies want to kill electric cars" our imagination is running away with us, but when a Congressman who owns/owned millions of dollars in oil company stock, who is also a car dealer, and wants to kill electric cars, what else is our mind to think?

Yesterday we reported that Rep. Kelly proposed legislation to end the Bush era $7500 electric car tax credit, while being an unashamed hater of electric cars who owns a Chevrolet car dealership. Today reports surfaced that Rep. Kelly also owns millions of dollars worth of oil company stock, and our minds leap immediately to the idea many of us share that the oil companies want to kill electric cars.

The theory that oil companies want to kill electric cars is shared by so many of us, is so obviously plausible (e.g. if electric cars are commonplace wouldn't the the oil companies want to stop it?), that the facts of Rep. Kelly's life seem like a walking talking breathing example of this idea in real life. But does that mean the oil industry wants to kill electric cars? No, not necessarily. Rep. Kelly is not the oil industry, he's a Congressman who owns a car dealership and owns (or owned) a large quantity of oil company stock. There is a difference.


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This is typical of self serving politicians who are in office for their own greed.
The irony behind the argument that ending the tax credit for EV's will help fix the debt crisis is that it will do the opposite. We import about $1 Billion in oil every day which contributes greatly to our trade deficit. To fund the trade deficit the US has to borrow money and pay interest on it., which impacts the domestic budget directly. If we could reverse that there would be more money to go around in the US which in turn would help alleviate budget deficits. If we all had more money so would the government. If we keep shipping our money abroad to buy oil, there's less money for us all and the government. The elected officials do not appear to want to solve the nations problems.
Based on the facts you have presented, it is conflicted for Rep. Kelly to introduce or vote on proposed legislation that would advance his personal interests. Why is it not ILLEGAL for him to so? If we thought of our members of Congress as our employees, we would reprimand them at least, or take more serious disciplinary action. If the problem persisted, we would terminate their service. We need teeth in your bite of truth-telling. Jill Sorensen Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle initiative
We've been trained to address the gentlemen as "the honorable Hiratio Alger". The only "honorable" thing this congressman could possibly do is resign and refuse the retirement and health benefits. This cad has absolutely no interest in a positive future for our country. My pet cat could do a better job by being less destructive of our environment and our balance of trade.
I am certain this manis not the only one in congress that has this issue.