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Virginia had rejected McAuliffe's bid for electric car factory incentives

Small electric car startup GreenTech Automotive, with Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe as Chairman, had asked Virginia for incentives to build a factory in that state, which Virginia rejected.

Last summer, GreenTech Automotive launched manufacturing of a small two-seater neighborhood electric vehicle in Tunica, Mississippi, an event that would barely have deserved notice if it weren't for the caliber of the politicians who were at the launch event. The company chairman, Terry McAuliffe was formerly Chair of the Democratic National Committee and an aide in the Clinton Administration, on-hand was former President Bill Clinton as well as former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour who is also former Chair of the Republican National Committee. Now, as McAuliffe has launched a new bid to become Governor of Virginia, GreenTech Automotive is being reexamined and recent news reports found that the state of Virginia thought GTA did not have a viable business plan.

See GreenTech Automotive launches tiny electric car with help of Bill Clinton and Haley Barbour for our previous coverage.

The company is promising a line of electric cars starting with the MyCar, a neighborhood electric vehicle with a 115 mile driving range, at 25 miles/hr (it's an NEV). Cars they expect to build later include a hybrid electric sports car, however it is the MyCar which seems to be the best developed. The MyCar's design dates back over 10 years to a joint collaboration between the Design School of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the School of Design in Milan. Hong Kong Polytechnic University took the design, and formed a company to develop it further eventually launching sales and production in Hong Kong in 2009. Following his previous (failed) attempt to be elected Governor of Virgina, McAuliffe and GTA bought EuAuto, the company behind the MyCar, in May 2010 and almost immediately GTA was presented at a Clinton Global Initiative fundraiser event. By July 2012 the company's political connections, through McAuliffe, had paid off with a package of incentives arranged by Haley Barbour allowing the company to begin building a factory in Tunica, an area better known for the 7 casino's in the county that's located just south of Memphis.

The recent news reports have focused on GTA's attempt to get help from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), to obtain economic development incentives allowing GTA to locate its factory somewhere in Virginia.


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Over priced golf carts do not have a good sales history in this country. I think VA made the right choice.