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Nissan's Andy Palmer explains Leaf battery capacity loss to Chelsea Sexton

In an interview that attempts to be straightforward, Nissan EVP Andy Palmer gives what may be the best and clearest to date explanation of the Nissan Leaf battery capacity loss issue.

The last few months has seen Nissan facing a growing controversy where Leaf owners are reporting a more-rapid-than-expected loss of battery pack capacity. The controversy included a massive test conducted, in Phoenix, independently by Nissan Leaf owners that verified several Leaf's which have a higher-than-expected loss of battery pack capacity. Nissan is working with EV Advocate Chelsea Sexton to form an independent Advisory Board meant as a venue for Leaf owners to help Nissan understand Leaf owner concerns and help Nissan's marketing with communication issues. As a companion to announcing details of the Advisory Board, Nissan published a video interview between Chelsea Sexton and Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer concerning the Leaf battery capacity loss controversy and other issues.

The tone of the interview is somewhat impersonal, as if Nissan wants to project an image of openness.

Battery pack capacity loss issue in Arizona: Saying "lets be straightforward" Palmer says "there is a degradation of a battery over [its] life" and that the degree of degradation over time is a clear matter of physics and chemistry.


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