Ikuo Hanawa driving for Yokohama Tires

Electric cars finish in top tier of rescheduled Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Out of the seven electric cars completing the 2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb, three finished in the top 15.

Among the vehicles at this years Pikes Peak International Hill Climb were several electric cars, along with drivers and teams hoping to test electric vehicles with the race to the clouds. These teams included Toyota Motorsports Group, Mitsubishi, Elias Anderson (NovaKar), Michael Bream (EV West), Ikuo Hanawa (Ibaraki Japan Summit), and Nobuhiro Tajima (Monster Tajima). Of the electric cars that finished the race, three of them were within the top fifteen of all competitors.

The race was originally slated for early July 2012, but the epic wildfire near Colorado Springs forced the postponement of the PPIHC. The rescheduled date was last weekend.

The best times overall were Rhys Millen, 9:46.164 lap time, driving a Hyundai chassis, and Romain Dumas, 9:46.181 lap time, driving a Porsche chassis.

The top electric finisher, Fumio Nutahara, driving the Toyota Motorsports Group EV P002 electric race car. The EV P002 is built on a Radical race car chassis, and has pair of a axial flux electric motors with a top output of 350 kilowatts, with a predicted top speed of 150 miles/hr. Their lap time was 10:15.380, for an average speed of 70.201 miles/hr, which was good enough for a 6th place finish.


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I was hoping to make it down to see the race this year, but after the reschedule I couldn't do it. Oh well. Looks like it was awesome!
i-MiEV Evolution almost did it! There is always next year. Congrats to Beccy, pushing the stock i-MiEV up the Peak! I am very jealous.