The 2008 Toyota Tacoma pickup

Toyota recalls 495,000 Tacoma pickups for airbag risks

Toyota Motor Co has announced a recall of select Toyota Tacoma pickups over a concern that an internal component of the steering wheel assembly could malfunction and, in the worst case scenario, cause the airbag not to deploy in the event of an accident.

This Toyota Tacoma recall pertains to certain 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and early 2009 model year pickups with a total number of roughly 495,000 possibly affected by this recall. The culprit behind this Tacoma recall is the steering wheel spiral cable which is also commonly known in the auto industry as a clock spring. Due to the design of the spiral wheel cable and “characteristics unique to the Tacoma chassis”, there may be friction between the cable and the retaining portion of the steering wheel assembly.

Over time, this friction can cause the cable to become disconnected from the airbag assembly which will lead to the air bag lamp lighting up on the dash and in the case of an accident – the airbag might not open.


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I have an 09 tacoma and my airbag light just came on and never got a recall notice that I can remeber . How much will it cost to get it fixed?
mine just cam on too,and like you i didnt see any notice,did you get your fixed and how much was it thanks
wrecked my 2004 Tacoma double cab ,hit frontend hard flipped oversmashed cab, air bags did not deploy why didn't they,pushed grill guard and wench intogrill and hood, no warning lights on about air bags
Recall repairs completed last week. Now I can feel every bump on road with vibration evident through steering column!?? Is this a scam??
I have a 2005 Tacoma & the airbag light has come on. Toyota says my truck is NOT part of the recall and they want $600 to fix it. Hmmm, OK. Well, my son just got into an accident where someone fell asleep behind the wheel and crossed into oncoming traffic. The airbag did not deploy and the damage and personal injury is significant. My partner will try the case and this is yet more unfortunate negligence on the part of the automotive industry influenced by greed.
My husband had a wreck yesterday in 2008 Tacoma and the airbags did not deploy. He had no warning light on. He was not sent a recall notice that we know of.
I just purchased a used 2008 Toyota Tacoma...the airbag light is on and I have no information on the Recall that was issued by Toyota. In addition, I am located 800 air miles from the closest Toyota dealer. Does anyone know if Toyota will ship the replacement harness in order for me to install it as it would cost about $1,300 to air ship my Tacoma to Anchorage, Alaska and about $5,000 to return it to Kotzebue, Alaska.