Tesla Model S pricing announced, ranging from $57-77k

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla expects to begin delivering their new electric luxury sedan – the Tesla Model S – in the middle of 2012 and the company has recently announced some production information, including a few drivetrain options and the price of the upcoming Tesla sedan.

When production of the new Tesla sedan begins ahead of the mid-2012 launch, the first 1,000 units produced will be Model S Signature Series models, meaning that they are the top-of-the-line trimline fitted with the largest battery – allowing 300 miles of emission free driving. The price of these (MSRP) new Tesla Model S Signature Series is set to start around $77,000 with options and other goodies driving that price up more; not to mention any general dealer markup to the initial models.

Once the initial run of the 300-mile Model S Signature Series is sold, Tesla will then begin producing the lower-priced 160-mile and 230-mile trimlines. The 160-mile Tesla Model S carries a starting price of $57,000 and the 230-mile option starts at $67,000 and throughout 2012, the company plans to build 5,000 sedans before ramping up to a full scale production of 30,000 units in 2013. Also, buyers should keep in mind that the Tesla Model S applies to the $7,500 tax credit for buying an electric vehicle, effectively reducing the price in the same fashion as models like the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt.


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