Saab secures another $35 million loan, production could begin soon

Just yesterday, Saab parent company Swedish Automobiles announced a sale of 50.1% of the Trollhattan production facility after selling 582 vehicles to a Chinese firm and today, the company has announced a new creditor who may put Saab one step closer to resuming production.

This newest loan to Saab comes from Gemini Investment Fund, a Bahamas-based hedge fund, and with this latest infusion of 229 million Swedish Krona ($35.4 million USD or 25 million Euros), Saab hopes that they can resume production at their Trollhattan production facility within the next two weeks. Even though Saab has acquired some 603 million Swedish Krona in the past three days, the automaker plans to keep production halted until a longer term deal can be worked out with their suppliers. It has been speculated that Saab owes the various creditors between 300 and 500 Krona ($47- 79 million USD), so with this third major transaction this week, the company should have enough money to settle the majority of their outstanding debt.

The terms of the 119 million Krona loan from Gemini Investment include an interest rate of 10 percent per year and a conversion price of 1.38 euro per share. This means that should Saab default on this loan, Gemini could be entitled to roughly 18,115,942 shares of Saab if the full amount was to be converted into a stake in the company. In the meantime, Saab now should have just about enough money to pay their workers, pay their creditors for past-due bills and still have some money left over to begin paying for supply deliveries needed to resume production. However, Saab plans to wait until they have settled everything out with their new investors, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and their long, long list of angry creditors.


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