Production of the new Ram C/V begins in Windsor

Just one week after Chrysler’s Ram Truck brand saw one of its models end with the last of the Dakota’s coming off of the assembly line, a new model enters production as the new Dodge Grand Caravan-based Ram C/V begins production in Windsor, Ontario.

The Chrysler Group minivans have been the top of the class since the company essentially invented the minivan in the 1980s with the first Dodge Caravan but unlike the family trucksters that are offered by Dodge and Chrysler, the Ram C/V is built to work. The Ram C/V (Cargo Van) is far more than just a rebadged version of the current production Chrysler Town & Country or Dodge Grand Caravan – although the new Ram minivan benefits from over 25 years of gradual improvement to these vehicles.

From the outside, the Ram C/V may not look that different from the Dodge and Chrysler derivatives shy of the optional metal rear panels that replace the rear-side and rear liftgate glass (as shown in the image on the right). The Ram C/V does get its own unique taillights that are more similar to what we have seen on other Ram brand products along with unique badging. Also, the stance of the new Ram brand minivan differs from that seen on the Dodge and Chrysler models thanks to the heavy duty suspension setup.


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