The DeLorean DMCev

The new DeLorean DMC electric vehicle at the New York Auto Show

It has been over 35 years since John DeLorean debuted his vision of the new age of automobiles at the 1977 Detroit Auto Show but with the opening of the 2012 New York International Auto Show, the epic gullwing American sports car made its reemergence into the auto show world – this time powered by a high tech electric drivetrain in the form of the new DeLorean DMCev.

We have known since October 2011 that the modern DeLorean Motor Company run by Stephen Wynne would, at some point, offer a new version of their DMC-12 powered by an electric drivetrain to the general public. DeLorean went so far as to offer up video of Cameron Wynne (son of Stephen Wynne) speeding around Houston Motorsports Park in a near-silent DMCev but full details were scarce when we saw the new electric DeLorean in motion (click here to see the electric DeLorean in action). Thanks to the folks at Autoblog, we know now that the DeLorean DMCev will arrive in early 2013 with a starting price tag in the range of $95,000.


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