The headlight of the Dodge Challenger

Dodge getting 2 new models, 4 refreshed by 2016 including new Challenger

Freshly released Chrysler documents have offered some vague information on the future of the Dodge brand lineup including two new models and 4 refreshed versions of vehicles currently in production – one of which will be the next generation Dodge Challenger.

The chart showing the business plan update for the Chrysler Group in North America shows a year by year rundown of the additions, refreshes and deletions planned for the next five calendar years beginning with 2012. Unfortunately, there is no supporting information to go with these changes in the lineup but based on rumors and the age of the current vehicles, we can make some guesses as to what is coming for Dodge between now and 2016.


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The 2013 refresh (2014 Model) will be the Dodge Durango. Mark my words.