Presidential Cadillac Limo

Details on President Obama's Cadillac Limousine "The Beast" Surface

President Barack Hussein Obama gets from point A to point B in a monstrous Cadillac limousine known as “The Beast” that was first introduced in 2009 and while details on this unique Caddy have been short in the past – we now have a long list of details on the struggling President’s fortress on wheels.

Details on President Obama’s Cadillac limo are fairly brief due to security reasons but in a move that throws caution to the wind, the folks at AutoWeek have published details of The Beast from an obviously unnamed source. In the long run, while some foreign terrorist or anti-government whacko might have earned a bit of information on the huge Presidential hauler – the information that has hit the media really just shows how well protected the Commander-in-Chief is when taking a ride in his rolling fortress.

While President Obama’s Beast looks like some sort of Cadillac on steroids with a height, length and width greater than anything in General Motors’ civilian luxury lineup, this vehicle is actually a one-off body on frame construction that relies on the frame of a GM heavy duty large truck – presumably from the Kodiak lineup. The massive Cadillac body was designed specifically for use by the President of the United States and with that position making him one of the least-liked men in the world by some of the most radically insane people in the world, it should come as no surprise that The Beast is covered in military grade armor that is as thick as 8 inches in the doors…doors which are also fit with the thickest and most secure bullet proof glass possible. Next, the President’s Cadillac features an armored fuel tank and bulletproof, Kevlar coated run-flat tires to protect both the POTUSA and ensure his ability to keep moving forward in the event of an attack while a Halon fire suppression system helps keep the President and his men (or family) safe in the event of a large fire.


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It's really interesting how this article depicts President Obama as a "struggling" President. Even though this article is about a damn car! But because it's President Obama it has to include the word "struggling". The media has been in the side pocket of these racist ass GOP members from the very start of Obamas campaign back in 08. It's a shame that every time something gets mentioned about President Obama, a degrading, racist adjective has to accompany his name or the word President. Why is it that when Hurricane Katrina gets mentioned it's just "President Bush"? Why not "Bush's failure at Katrina" or "President Bush's Katrina failure"? But here we have an article about the Presidential Limo, and it has to describe our President as "a struggling President" what a crock of bullshit!
awesome article and awesome car also